Endless and wasteful discussion..

Mangish: mysticism , altruism and collectivism


 Saurav: what does that mean??

   three totally different things??


Mangish: three over-rated tenets which ought not be there in the perfect society


Gaurav: perfect society at the first place is bullshit

and they might be over rated but can’t say that they are not required


Mangish: yes it is.. the attampts can be made to get closer to that end of the spectrum ..


Saurav: perhaps…..But I am not sure…..What is at the end of spectrum…something in our fancies may exist whch is virtual


Mangish: realism individualism and perfectionism


Gaurav: now what are these??


Mangish: being practical .. serving individual needs first .. not crushing individual rights in the mask of the “common good” and progressing continually


Saurav: yes definately…agreed

true very true


Mangish: these are the other end of the spectrum ..one where the society should graduate to..


Saurav: I don’t know…perhaps two ends don’t exist…

the nature points towards circle…perhaps both these ends converge to same end…


I don’t know anyways



Mangish: if two ends dont exist then you can make them meet in the first place


Saurav: ???

in circle where is the end??

its cyclic

no end



Mangish: no but in order to complete the circle you need continuity


Saurav: yeah…so whats the problem…?

continuity can be assured

and, by the way, there can be moments of emptiness….where even continuity is not required

electrons jump from one shell to another…and I think there is nothing in between two shells.


Mangish: if there is a gradual change in any attribute from one end to the other then obviously two extreme ends exist. Although they may converge cyclically but that doesnt refute their existence


Saurav: ya.. perhaps…but if they are converging…so how can one be superior to another….both yielding to same result

isn’t it??

 Mangish: then i guess it boils down to what stage of the cycle you are present!!

 Saurav: as in???

please explain a bit

 Mangish: same with business cycle.. simply beacuse we know that recession and boom woud come cyclically doesnt mean that we stop making attempts to minimise the recession time and maximise boom time..

all macroeconic policies are infact directed towards that end

 Saurav: yeah….right…..but macroeconomics is subset of ilfe…so I feel we need to refine its principles before generelazing…

anyways forget it

endless and wasteful discussion it is…


Mangish: yeah !! it surely is 😀



Note: This was actual gtalk chat between two individuals, one of them is my good friend and if I quote his words, he was “just gassing around”. Mangish and Saurav are not real names 🙂


1 टिप्पणी

  1. palakmathur said,

    मई 16, 2009 at 3:31 अपराह्न

    🙂 What were they trying to do? Cycle, continuity. Actually they are right. They started from nowhere and ended nowhere. Cyclic and continuity!! Ha ha ha 🙂

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