‘What’s worse’ and ‘Successor’

What’s worse?

A well-known politician greeted every disaster with the words, ‘It

could have been worse.’

One day, a friend said: ‘I came home and found my wife in bed with


Politician: ‘It could have been worse.’

‘So I shot them both.’

‘It could have been worse.’

‘How could it have been worse? I don’t understand.’

‘If you’d come a day earlier, you’d have found me there!’



When Harold Wilson handed over the premiership to James

Callaghan, he is said to have left three envelopes in a drawer. They

were to be opened in turn, in times of disaster.

Opening the first envelope, after the first disaster, Callaghan read:

‘Blame your predecessor.’

After the second, he read: ‘Sack your assistant.’

After the third: ‘Prepare three envelopes


Taken from  ‘Janner’s complete speechmaker’ by Greville Janner


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  1. Anuj singh dhaka said,

    नवम्बर 23, 2008 at 3:26 अपराह्न

    A great start man.i enjoyed reading all your posts here.keep on posting such a nice thoughts like this.

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