Bertrand Russell on errors of ‘some’ theory and associated feelings!

“In the marxist philosophy, as interpreted in Moscow, I found, as I believe, two enormous errors, one of theory and one of feeling. The error of theory consisted in believing that the only undesirable form of power over other human beings is economic power, and that economic power is co-extensive with ownership. In this theory other forms of power- military, political and propagandist- are ignored, and it was forgotten that the power of a large economic organisation is concentrated in a small executive, and not diffused among all the nominal owners or the shareholders. It was therefore supposed that exploitation and oppression must disappear if the state became the sole capitalist, and it was not realized that this will confer upon state officials all, and more than all, the powers of oppression formerly possessed by individual capitalists. 

The other error, which was concerned with feeling, consisted in supposing that a good state of affairs can be brought about by a movement of which the motive is hate. Those who had been inspired mainly by hatred of capitalists and landowners had accepted the habit of hating, and after achieving victory impelled to look for new objects of detestation.”

Taken from ‘Potraits from memory and other essays’ by Bertrand Russell


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